Wrapping Up a Story

While there is still so much more to share, I didn’t want to keep blabbering about the past weekend.  Hopefully, this post will cover the last lingering memories I feel compelled to share and tomorrow, I can write about something new.

To everyone at LoF with a themed camp – you were great!


I love watching the colorful facial hair walking around!


This was a sweet and refreshing surprise.



LOF13 - 13

I had the most relaxing, lackadaisical rest here.  From where I was sitting, I could people watch people climbing all over Freakeasy.  It was nice.

LOF13 - 15 We enjoyed this, but somehow missed going back for the other games.  I hope they are there next year!


Tick Town, thank you for making me laugh, and dance, and play fun games!


To Alisha, with the ball pit – I can’t believe how long it has been I hung out in one! Thank you for the idea, for the repose, for the conversation.

LOF13 - 4

Tramp Camp – The girls and I had an absolute blast.  We spent so much time bouncing and laughing and getting wet.  The girls couldn’t get enough of it.

LOF - 7

I could never remember the name of the island, and I’m sorry I missed the dance party, but it was fantastic utilizing it as a launch pad into the water.


To Junicorn Sparkles, thank you for the crafting!  I had a total ADD moment walking by your table.  I love the unicorn horn I made!  My daughter wore hers into my office on Monday; refused to take it off!


Syncidium, you made my weekend.  Thank you for letting me fly for a bit!

And lastly, on Friday, I brought out my face paints.  I was so inspired to work, and I loved the energy people were bringing into the gazebo.  I wish I had had more time to work, and I loved that people were asking if they could paint, too, and there was a big painting party.  I was stoked at the creativity bouncing around.  To those who let me paint, and gave me the freedom to paint whatever I wanted – Thank you!  Because of you, I think my abilities and confidence as an artist really took off!







I have a million ideas, and I can’t wait to implement them.  I want to pull out my paints again and go crazy.  I wish I had more time to see everything and talk to more people, but I’m grateful that the time I did have was spent around so many lovely, creative, and welcoming folks.

To the crew that put together Lakes of Fire – thank you! See you next year. 🙂


Like Outer Space

It is difficult to sum up the past two days of exploration.  Right now, I have a cheeky bird sitting on my chest as I lounge on the sofa writing this, and it is rather distracting having said cockateel staring at you with those big, unblinking eyes.  But he is a cuddly bird, and occassionally nuzzles against my shoulder or chin, which I think I’m pretty ok with.  It’s the trying to french me or pick my nose that freaks me out.

So, yesterday.  We got up early and headed out to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

There were German and Korean planes.

Early flying machines.

And modern ones.

And space age Discoveries:

The sheer magnitude of the museum was amazing.  We spent around 5 hours checking out everything and still did not get our fill.  Only tired legs and a cranky child pulled us away.  Combined, Ellette and I took hundreds of pictures, I have had trouble selecting only a few to show you.

After that we came back to the house, relaxed a bit, and then I looked up yarn stores in the area.  I went over to Fibre Space and collected some souvenir yarn.  I had a little accident involving a basket of tiny skeins of sock yarn in enticing colorways and my poor impulse control.

We spent some more time in Old Town Alexandria, falling in love and talking about whether or not we could see ourselves living here.  Everyone pretty much agrees that this is so much better than Chicago.

This morning, we hopped on the Metro into the city to visit Eastern Market, and swung by Peregrine Espresso on the way.

Eastern Market was pretty cool.  I love how alive and vibrant everything is.

Mustache photo courtesy of Fuzzy Ink.  And yes, that is the Cecilia Chemise I am wearing.  I don’t know what awaits us tomorrow.  Unfortunately, we will have to head back to the midwest soon.


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