I know I failed to deliver on Monday with pictures of the weekend.  It wasn’t until early evening that I discovered I left my camera sitting in my yarn basket sitting under the counter of the juggling shop at the fair.  I think that is fine, since I was only out on Sunday and on Sunday it rained the entire time.  There really were no good pictures, although somewhere floating in the world wide web are photos of me pretend jousting on a zipline.

By the time I made this discovery, it was already late, and I had sort of been in a slump all day.  Work had been exhausting, and I had personal things to deal with that I was not happy about, and upon arriving home, attempted to craft.  I started a new project, deciding it would look nice in crochet, and pulled it out because I started with too many stitches.  I tried again, and pulled it about because, this time, instead of making a rectangle I had started making a triangle (one of the reasons I dislike crochet).  Pulled it out, started over, counting every single double crochet across every single row.  I made it four inches before I realized that, not only would I not have enough yarn for the project, but I hated the pattern.  I pulled it out, rewound the yarn, and fetched my knitting needles.  Cast on once, cast on too many stitches, pulled out.  Cast on again, realized I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t like whatever my hands had improvised, pulled it out.  Flipped through stitchionary to no luck, cast on again anyway, created a rather pleasing zigzag.

The cowl on the left is a seed stitch and the one on the right is the hellion from Monday.

In any case, the slump was not condusive to blogging.  I was rather upset all evening for no apparent reason and Odin took the brunt of it for a moment.  Sorry.

I could have blogged yesterday, and I had every intention of doing so, but I was having data connectivity problems with my phone and couldn’t upload anything.  Besides, I got into the zone of crafting and didn’t stop until 11pm.  At that point, I was pretty tired and fell into bed.

This morning, I remembered to take photos of the things I have been working on in order to share them with you so I could blog.  The above is the product of a few days work.  And this is the other thing:

I have been working on these all summer, but just recently began adding the finishing touches.  I have a handful of them complete, and for the rest, I just need to sew on flowers, buttons, and any other embellishment I can think of.

Tonight, it is all zombie for me, as I have yards of pink cording to sew into the dozens of zombie hats I have been cranking out.  Not to mention, wings and tutus to wrap up, a number of tiny top hats that need to be sewn to headbands, and a baby blanket that only has a few rows completed.

This weekend marks the last weekend of the Renaissance Fair, which I am a little bit relieved for (maybea lot relieved – I’m exhausted), and I will be happily managing the juggling shop for Rebecca.  Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be spending much time walking around, getting photographs.  Since it is a three-day weekend, whatever photos I have will be uploaded on Tuesday.  I’m thinking about getting a couple of appropriate after-hours shots as well, since that is a seldom seen side of the fair.

This may be my only post of the week – I will see how much I complete before I leave Friday evening.

Sticking Too It

I have been a little all over the place as far as my craft is concerned.  I’m not sure if this is because I am getting bored in one task so I jump to another.  If I’m working on one task but realize that this other thing is just as important so I should work on that too.  Or if there is maybe a lot more on my plate than I can deal with efficiently.

Last night I sat down for 20 minutes and put ribbon wings in between doing loads of laundry.  And then my mom called, so I pushed the wings aside, forgot about the laundry, and spent I don’t know how long talking about my sister’s first date.  I’m so excited for her, and I have probably just embarrassed her a bunch, but I don’t really care.  That’s how our family works.  If your boyfriend can’t handle the embarrassment, he won’t be able to handle you.

I have intermittently been working on tutus.

But the heat makes it a little difficult.  The tulle sticks to me and then I start to itch all over.  Also, my kitten likes to try to dive roll through the mountains of tulle I create.  Distracting.

Then, I realized this week that I really need to pick a goal and a time frame each week, and just stick to it.  What do I need to do, how do I get it done, and when will that be possible?

Every morning this week I have been able to churn out cording for a new item.


It takes about 15 minutes or so to turn one ball of 200+ yards into I-don’t-know-how-many-feet of cord, which gets looped and looped and looped until I get a perfectly sized necklace.

Which I am packing along with me to begin the embellishments.  Maybe I will have 20 completed by the end of the weekend.  That is my goal.  Twenty should be all I need.  And if I need more, piece o’ cake.

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