Cast on Three, Bind off Six

Cast on, Bind off, Cast on, Bind off.  It’s getting to me.  It was very subtle at first, but it has slowly become more and more difficult to stay on task.  My eyes keep glossing over and I think about other things I could be making.  All of that holiday knitting stretching out before me, my Ravelry queue that somehow gets longer and longer every day, my stash that tumbles across the room when I get ready in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very satisfied with the way the picot bind off is looking.  The squishiness of the yarn and the pleasing combination of colors makes me eager for the end result.  I find myself occasionally petting the project or laying it out as flatly as possible and admiring the juxtaposition of the colors.  It is simply that, after three days of bind off, I haven’t even finished one side of the triangle yet. And I keep losing count.  Cast on three, bind off six, cast on three, bind off six.  Wait, did I bind off five or six on this one? Crap, tink those stitches and try again.


In an effort to keep my sanity, I have made a list of the projects I am working on and prioritize them as best as I can (granted, this fluctuates depending on my mood).  I map out times of the day when I can be working on different projects, so the monotony doesn’t destroy me, and I can look forward to something being completed soon.


I worked on this little number a bit last night, in between cursing the picots.  It’s really close to being done.  I have one more strap to make, ends to weave in, eyes to attach to my little owls, and a lining to make.  This holiday purse will get crossed off the list!  I liked it so much that I think I am changing one of the other gifts into another owlie tote bag, only bigger than this one.

Owls Emerging

Today, over my lunch hour, I decided to put some time into the owl socks.  I started them, and then they sort of sat there, just past the eye placement so I had their little green beady eyes watching me as I picked up other holiday knits to work on instead of them.  Silent, blue owls with their look of shame.


Okay okay, maybe not shame.  Imploring? Judging? All-Seeing all-knowing?

Over my lunch, I timed myself so I could better estimate how long it is going to take to knit – one chart repeat equals approximately one hour of work.  If I want to make them mid-calf it will be 7 hours of work per sock.  Combine that with the purple cape and it’s miles and miles of mindless stockinette, and those may be the only two things I complete this season and I still will lose my sense of sanity.  I don’t think there will be any hope for me this year.  *sigh*

I had the sock with me at work, and I was showing it to a few people (who knit or crochet, or used to) and asking questions about length and beads and whatnot.  One woman looked at the sock and thought it was nice, looked at the chart in a daze, and then realized that I was making tiny little owls.  She sort of lost it with excitement and for the next 5 minutes kept saying “Oh, it’s an owl!” and variations thereupon.  At least I know that if there is a fiber catastrophy or the recipient hates them, I can fall back on her.

Self-Imposed Sleep Deprivation


Behold, many, many hours spent tucked against the headboard, quietly yet furiously knitting and calculating and stranding yarn to produce what I hope will be a wonderful present for my dear daughter.


As you can see, I worked out the colorwork issues and even got passed that portion.  Now I am on the mindless rows of increasing.  My own fear is that the yoke is too small.  I am telling myself that it appears that way because it is still on the needles and unblocked, but once I block, and then cut that steek (yikes!), it will open up considerably.  And I am trying to convince myself that, even if it isn’t quite wide enough – it’s a cape!  And by no means needs to close in the front.  And, if I am that concerned, I can just make the button band a little bit wider than I had intended.


In the meantime, when Ellette is looking (she’s a clever little girl with a keen eye), I have started a different holiday project.  Watching the owls emerging is so much fun!  Now, if only my hands made the transition from chunky, loose knits to tight little sock stitches, this holiday knitting thing would be flying by.

(Sorry for the crummy photos – I was rushed this morning)

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