Some Days

Some days, I need a break.  I’ve been looking at my knitting and I have the immensely frustrating realization that – I HATE EVERYTHING!  I do not like anything I am knitting at the moment.

Leif?  Yeah – It’s too short.  It hits the widest part of my hips, it doesn’t pull in enough at my waist, and I don’t know how to fix it.  It’s in time out.

I started a commission – a lego-man ski mask.  I thought this would be pretty easy, and last night I got to the point where I could try it on and see how it looks.  I think it is hideous.

I started them about eight times so far.  I realized the skein was only 100 yards instead of the 200, and that I had gotten so fumigated by the soft, lofty warmth of the yarn that I didn’t stop to realize it wasn’t superwash.  It is an absolute joy last night, but I sort of had a panic attack at knit night last night – would I have enough yarn?  What could I do to prevent felting?  How do I modify the pattern to make the most out of the yarn?  I opted on an afterthought heel in a contrasting yarn that won’t felt, and continuing that motif with the toes.  I think that is my best option, because this yarn is really nice, and the recipient is going to love it, and it’s so very expensive.

As of this moment, I’m just past halfway done with the first sock, and hopefully it won’t take long to get through the second since I know what my gauge is and what modifications need to be made.

Then comes several insane projects simultaneously – a cape for Ellette (just wait until you see it!!), a sweater for myself for NaKniSweMo, another pair of socks, a cute scarf, and a balaklava.  All by December…

I can do it, so long as I don’t end up hating everything when I’m done.

Perhaps You Can Help

I have a problem.  I want to make Ellette a sweater for Christmas.  I don’t usually make Ellette things (outside of hats and toys), so something she can wrap herself up in would be awesome.

I bought a skein of Cascade Eco + when I was in the Windy Knitty, because it fit my price range, was the perfect shade of variegated lavender and was a bulky wool.

Now, I am searching scouring Ravelry for the perfect pattern.  But I can’t find it!  This is what I get for starting this one last.

I want something sort of like a swing coat, with a loose bottom and cuffs.  Not flared, I think that would get in the way, just not fitted.  I was hoping for something seamed, so the weight of the wool wouldn’t stretch it out of shape, and with a couple of buttons at the top, or a tie.  Preferably, using only 478 uds of yarn too.

All I am finding are baby sweaters, sweaters at the wrong gauge, or not quite right sweaters.

If I were a better designer, I would just say I can make my own.  And, at any other point in the year, that is exactly what I would say.  I have one week to pick a pattern and make it before we leave.  I can work on it in the car during the 13 hour trip and block it in Virginia, but hiding it from Ellette would be quite an undertaking.  I could ignore blocking it until we get home, however.

Anyway, what I am thinking, and perhaps whoever is reading this with more knitterly wisdom than myself can direct my choices and maybe tell me a good way to modify the patterns…

I found this old photocopy in a pile of really old knitting books a friend gave me:

The Best Friend Cardigan











I think I can meet gauge if I hold the yarn double, and should have enough from one skein of Cascade Eco +.

I love the shape and design of the Garter Yoke Cardi from Knit.1 Fall/Winter 2008:











But that would require some serious modifying on my part.

Similar to that are these cardigans for babies:

Garter Yoke Baby Cardi (Check out her blog!  It’s fun!)

And Swing Thing









I think that last one might be the closest I have come.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I’m getting awfully desperate.  And don’t sit back, waiting for me to have a meltdown because you think it would be funny.  That’s just cruel.

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