Flash the Stash

I came home after physical therapy the other night a bit invigorated and wanting to do something about the mess.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t really been able to knit, or maybe it’s because the new knitter at my house was talking about yarn, but I decided to flash the stash.  Ellette and the other were very enthusiastic about what this might entail.

Basically, we emptied every receptacle that was storing yarn onto my bed and began trying to make sense of it.  But, not before some ridiculous photos were captured.


Yeah….I have a problem.  I managed to give away one bag of yarn to this new knitter, and Ellette and she put together bags of yarn they want in their swants.

Swants? I hear you question.  Stephen West began a trend of reconstructing thrift store sweaters into pants.  Check out this tutorial if you want to make your own pair.  I love the idea of swants, and I’ve noticed they hit “high fashion” recently as well.  I still think handmade is better (and always will), and I like knitting more than sewing.  And my yarn supply, as you can see, is out of hand.

A few weeks ago, I tossed my stash a bit looking for odds and ends to include in my own on-the-fly swants project.  I call them Swoomers, since they hit just below the knee and kind of balloon out like bloomers.


I reached the waistband last night, and after that it’s just weaving in ends and a light blocking.  They are so cozy!  I can’t wait to put them on and lounge in knitterly style.


Since Ellette and other both want a pair of swants, or swoomers, I will have a chance to work out the pattern and offer it up for grabs.  This has been an awesome stash bust.  I’m still looking for more stashbusting methods.  My 2013 clean-the-stash resolution has still not been met, although I’m a lot closer (about two 10 gallon bins).

For the Love of Pants!

While at the fabric store searching out lycra for the mermaid costume, I came across the most awesome rainbow fleece ever.  I couldn’t resist – I’m a sucker for rainbows.  But this time, it wasn’t for me.  I’ve got Burning Man on my brain, trying to think of all of the cool costumes I can make (yes, make) for myself and Ellette before we leave in August. (Count it – 3 weeks).  And the desert gets chilly at night, so cold weather costumes are essential.


The rainbow fleece became a pair of pajama bottoms for Ellette.  I used a pair of her jeans as a template for this wide leg pants, and have yet to add the drawstring to the waistband, but I’m fairly certain they will fit her.


Since I had the serger out for the mermaid costume, I did a couple passes with the fleece, not that fleece needs to be hemmed but because I like the clean finish it gives garments.

On the agenda for the next month?  Two epic unicorn outfits (1 for me, one for her), a couple of vests, scarves, and hats.  A few painted parasols, and a pair of decorated swim goggles for Ellette.



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