Tied In Knots

It’s been awhile since I’ve released any sort of knitting anything, so I’m fixing that today!  I’ve had a few things sitting around, totally finished, tested, and proofed, ready to be published, except that I was missing something – pictures!  When I went home to Wisconsin last month for the funeral, I set aside some time for a photo shoot with Dark Moon Photography, one of my favorite people to work with behind a lens.

We have a few things we’re working on to be released soon.  I’ve also got a couple more patterns in the works that need to be tested before I can do anything more with them.  I’m so excited to be releasing this one, since it’s been sitting on the back burner, lonely, dusty, forgotten for the past 8 months or so (yikes….)  I’m wearing it right now as I write this post.

DSC_6733It’s like being wrapped in a hug all day.  I first saw a rib warmer in my lyra class a few years ago.  It seemed like the strangest thing to me.  The one my instructor was wearing was white, and looked more like a medical bandage than anything.  She wore it every class.  After a few classes, I had one mapped out in my head and immediately put it on the needles.


I wanted something a little more interesting though – twisted and intricate.  Thus, the Silk Knot rib warmer was devised.  I called it Silk Knot because the cables reminded me of the knots I would tie in the silks I was teaching with.  Since this was the first of my circus-inspired patterns, I felt it very appropriate.


This is the second of many circus and dance inspired patterns (the first released was the Lyra Legwarmers).  There are more in the works, and I finally have some space here to take pictures in, so hopefully it’s not months between releases.

Find the Silk Knot Ribwarmer by going to the Patterns page of this blog, or by going to Ravelry directly.  Remember to link your project to the pattern page so we can see how it goes!

Lyra Legwarmers – A Pattern

Crossed off my to-do list is the release of my newest pattern: Lyra Legwarmers!

Lyra Edits 1

They were an idea I had one night when I couldn’t sleep.  I jumped out of bed, did a little math, and started knitting until my eyes would no longer focus.

Lyra Edits 2

The simple little cable spirals up each leg, popping out of the ribbing in an eye catching way.  The yarn I’ve used (Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein – is so soft and comfy.  The color really complements the design.


I’ve been doing a lot of lyra, lately.  The training regimen I’m doing has been very inspiring, and I can’t seem to find enough time to work out all the designs I’ve got going on.  Keep an eye out for what’s coming up.  I’ve enlisted the help of others so they can get worked up and tested as quickly as possible.  What kinds of things would you like to see?

When You Lose Your Needles

I’m working away at my bag jump Ravellenic Game challenge.  It’s almost large enough to start the edging, but not quite.  My biggest obstacle at the moment is that I seem to favor size 8 needles, which means all of my circular needles are in use elsewhere – specifically in one project, my stash busting domino afghan that I’ve slowly been working on (and for some reason have not photographed or written about it).


All of my stitches are getting squished together on double-pointed needles as I work around and around. I am getting more and more worried that I’ll be dropping stitches soon, but I’m almost ready to decrease again, so maybe I’ll be alright.

I really like the pop of green against in the purple berry tones.  I wonder how dramatic it is going to be once the bag is felted.  The shift between the two shades of purple is not as dramatic as I was expecting, so we’ll see.  I’ve decided to try out a zipper closure instead of a button or snap.  I don’t work with zippers much, so this will be a better challenge – stick with me as I push myself over the edge.

Besides the needle obstacle, it’s been a fun, interesting, and quick project (she says before daring the zipper to a duel).  I can’t wait to type it up and offer it to the world!

Introducing: Checkmate!

I am happy to finally introduce a new pattern to you, one that has been under construction and scrutiny and testing for quite some time now (I will refrain from stating how long exactly).  The point is, it’s done!  It’s been knit, tested, revised, photographed, written up and has just been uploaded to Ravelry.


checkmate 6

The Checkmate Chess Board is a 3 dimensional game for the whole family to enjoy.  It’s knit on US size 1 needles using fingering weight yarn, so it is small and portable, but will become a stunning family heirloom.

checkmate knight

Each piece was carefully mapped out so that the size and shape would be consistent, interesting, yet not so complicated as to seem impossible.  The knight pictured above was the hardest one of all!


There are more pictures on the Ravelry Pattern Page Here along with a link to purchase the pattern and get to work.  Join the Little Green Pixie Knits Rav group to join other LGP fans.  I’m excited to see it completed and released.  I hope you enjoy!

Quick Knit for Christmas – and a Coupon Too!

Because I am entrenched in miles up on miles of boring stockinette stitch, I am changing the pace a little bit.

If you are anything like me, and I assume you are a little because you are reading this, you will be furiously knitting (or crocheting) wonderful woollen creations for those you love.  At least, those you love who will not accidentally felt that gorgeous aran sweater or has abnormally large feet or whose favorite color is unicorn vomit pink.  I keep discovering things that I want to make for those people around me who adore and crave hand knit items, so my holiday list is getting longer and longer.  I am contemplating putting a cap on it (keyword being “contemplating”).

While I may not have hope left for me, there may still be hope for you, which is why I am offering you this promo; a discount on some of my quick knit, single skein patterns.

Up first: Keyhole Cowl


This little cowl is knit flat, on a bias. The ends are then sewn together, and stitches picked up around the top and bottom for a neat garter ridge.


It is great for layering, for wearing indoors when your office is chilly. And it only uses one skein of a heavy worsted/bulky weight yarn!

Just use coupon code QuickKnitKeyhole at checkout to receive $2 off this pattern.

Check in next Wednesday to find out what pattern is up next!

Presenting the Cascading Leaves Cowl!

I would like to introduce to you my latest pattern:  The Cascading Leaves Cowl:

This cowl is knit flat and joins the leaves as you work your way around.  It is a quick, easy knit – using only 62 yards of bulky yarn and basic knitting techniques.

The simple construction allows ample room for personalization.  Use thinner yarn and add more repeats to make a delicate, lacey cowl.  Add more repeats to make a slouchier cowl.  Make a long chain with a simple join to make a wonderful scarflette.  It’s all up to you!

Little Green Pixie is proud to introduce your new favorite winter accessory: The Cascading Leaves Cowl available for immediate download on Ravelry.  Coming soon to Etsy.

Addicted to Ruffles

All right, I can admit it.  I am a sucker for the ruffles.  I am totally, completely, utterly, redunandtly addicted to knitting them.  I timed myself the other night – I completed one scarf in 2 hours.  TWO hours!  120 minutes!  This is the perfect thing to work on for shows because I can knock ’em out like crazy.  Granted, the yarn is a little pricey because it is so difficult for manfucaturers to produce, but I think that’s ok.  The finished product is pretty awesome.


I pretty much always have a scarf-in-progress in my bag now so I can keep up on stock maintenance.  I get a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from onlookers.  No one seems to believe that it is really not hard to do, so I would like to offer you a tutorial.


Grab a set of chunky needles (I used US 11, but used US 13 in the past).  The yarn comes sort of rolled up, and you need to separate the netting in order to knit with it.


Stick to one edge of the netting when you are working.  Be careful not to switch which sides you are on your you will end up with knots instead of ruffles.


Your needle goes through one of the holes along the edge of the net and pull it back through the stitch on your left needle.  Your next stitch will happen about 3/4 to an inch along the net.  I like to count holes.  Knit one hole, skip two holes, knit one, skip two.


Try not to psych yourself out.  This is a GARTER stitch scarf.  Seriously.  Beginner’s can do it.  It is just a matter of forgetting about the ruffly nature of it and treating it like it’s yarn.  Yarn with stuff hanging off it.  Stuff that ends up looking really cool when you are done.


And then you’ll turn into an addict like me.



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