This Post Should Have Happened Sunday

My Sunday posts have been lagging a bit since my shoulder injury.  Luckily, my teaching hasn’t been impaired, since we were mostly running through our recital routines over and over again.  Then talking about the routine, then rehearsing again.  This meant that my Sundays were spent next to the speakers, hitting “Play,” “Pause,” “Volume,” and “Stop” and counting out the music for the girls.  Our fall recital was last weekend, and I was running around from noon, when I held an open gym session for anyone wanting a little extra practice before our recital at 3.  I continued running around throughout the recital, helping the girls get ready, running the music, and introducing each class to the audience.

Fall 2013 Aerial Girls

The girls were better than I could have hoped.  It always amazes me – right up until the recital I’m usually biting my fingernails and thinking we need a couple more weeks of rehearsal because they’re not quite getting it.  But, the day of the recital they pretty much nail it.

The session to recital process of the dance academy, where I teach a session and then there is a recital, all in 3 months, has been a bit challenging.  I want more time to work on skills and technique, but it is a fun rush of adrenaline when we get towards the end and I watch the students settle down and get serious.

Want to see one of the pieces?

That’s Ellette doing her “solo” intro with the other girls (they were paired up).  The song is Crystallize, by Lindsey Stirling.  I’m excited for the new session in January, when the recital isn’t a “Winter” theme like this one and I have a bit more liberty with my song selection (most of my songs are already chosen, but I’m always looking for inspiration!)


We have a circus show in October.  Look here for more info.

My class is doing this nifty trapeze duet thing to Tom Waits.  We have finally beem rehearsing to the music and I can really feel it come together.

We have also begun rehearsing in our costumes.  “People who would walk into an all night diner.”  It took me a long time to think about what to be.  Before we knew the theme, we had to buy our boots.  Mine are bright red, and trying to think of a character that would wear bright red shoes is a little difficult (my mind went to hipster).   I settled on an old woman.


The aging process never ceases to freak me out.  I don’t think I did a fantastic job even, which means that as I get closer to performance date, it will become more realistic.  I wanted to test how well the paint stood up to a rigorous workout.  Would it smear, sweat off, or dirty up the ropes or costumes?


This is not the best angle to see what we are doing, but this is my favorite pose so far.


I have ending up with so many bruises and rope burns.  My friends have taken to trying to invent even more crazy scenarios than hanging from a steel bar.


My partner’s character, by the way, is the chef.  During rehearsal, she learned her apron was too long and I confirmed that my yoga pants were just too grippy and loose.


This is definitely the best way to work out, I would say.  I am building all over body strength. I am overcoming doubts and fears.  And, really, I get such a kick out of saying I can dangle by my feet.  Wouldn’t you?

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