Tied In Knots

It’s been awhile since I’ve released any sort of knitting anything, so I’m fixing that today!  I’ve had a few things sitting around, totally finished, tested, and proofed, ready to be published, except that I was missing something – pictures!  When I went home to Wisconsin last month for the funeral, I set aside some time for a photo shoot with Dark Moon Photography, one of my favorite people to work with behind a lens.

We have a few things we’re working on to be released soon.  I’ve also got a couple more patterns in the works that need to be tested before I can do anything more with them.  I’m so excited to be releasing this one, since it’s been sitting on the back burner, lonely, dusty, forgotten for the past 8 months or so (yikes….)  I’m wearing it right now as I write this post.

DSC_6733It’s like being wrapped in a hug all day.  I first saw a rib warmer in my lyra class a few years ago.  It seemed like the strangest thing to me.  The one my instructor was wearing was white, and looked more like a medical bandage than anything.  She wore it every class.  After a few classes, I had one mapped out in my head and immediately put it on the needles.


I wanted something a little more interesting though – twisted and intricate.  Thus, the Silk Knot rib warmer was devised.  I called it Silk Knot because the cables reminded me of the knots I would tie in the silks I was teaching with.  Since this was the first of my circus-inspired patterns, I felt it very appropriate.


This is the second of many circus and dance inspired patterns (the first released was the Lyra Legwarmers).  There are more in the works, and I finally have some space here to take pictures in, so hopefully it’s not months between releases.

Find the Silk Knot Ribwarmer by going to the Patterns page of this blog, or by going to Ravelry directly.  Remember to link your project to the pattern page so we can see how it goes!



Photo shoot. So much fun. Here’s a teaser.

Another Saturday

My students really like the idea of choosing which trick to photograph for the blog, so we are going to keep up our Saturday posts.

Today, we worked on the silk sling. This is the apparatus my 7-10 year old girls are using for their spring recital. They were all very pleased with themselves today for finally mastering this trick.



Photographing Fairies

It was the most fun I’ve had at a photo shoot yet, I think.

The kids had a blast, really getting into their characters – although it was a little more difficult getting Calvin into it than Ellette.  Go figure.

I, of course, had no trouble whatsoever.  We couldn’t stop giggling all throughout.


I am going to be making postcard adverts!  If you would like one sent to you when they are done, send me your mailing address via email at thewishingstar(AT)hotmail(DOT)com – changing the words for the appropriate symbols and there ya go!

Photographs taken by my friend Ted of Ted Glasoe Photography.

Take My Word For It

I have completed several projects.  Trust me.  As I propped the prototype for the Aviator Cap, my camera battery decided it was time to die.  And I could not find the charger.  Oops.

Speaking of, the Aviator Cap is looking pretty snazzy.  Yesterday I cast off the wedding gift, with less than a yard of yarn to save my cute little pixie behind from racing to find another skein and needed something new to work on (even though I have an unspeakable number of projects on the needles…)  I opened my closet door to look for yarn, and two skeins of Lion Brand Chunky Organic Cotton in natural and brown jumped out at me.  Literally.  So, I cast on what I hoped would become a smashing Aviator style cap.  The first attempt was ripped back pretty quickly.  The second attempt contains an error which I do not know how I made but will be worked out in the next sample.

The pattern for this hat will be available by the end of next week.  I am pulling out of my stash several skeins of yarn with which to make even more of these wonderful hats.  It is knit with chunky yarn on fat needles, and the prototype only took a few hours, so the following samples should become increasingly easier.

The Aviator cap was both inspired by as well as influenced the creation of Aviator DaVinci wings, which are actually an order from one of the performers (and a friend of mine) at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  The wire frame is set up in my studio right now, weighting to have the membrane applied, sealed, and the leather straps attached – I must admit I am having the most difficulty trying to figure out an attractive way to attach leather straps which can withstand the weight of the wings (they are actually fairly light) as well as the force of any jostling throughout the day.

I suppose it is best that my camera battery died, because in my head I am envisioning the most spectacular photo shoot involving my renegade steampunk/renaissance aviator “outift” – really just a corset, white blouse, and brown wrap pants, the Aviator Cap, and the DaVinci wings.  Works in progress are fun, but funky photo shoots are even better.

So, take my word for it.  By the end of next week, there will be at least two new products!  Trust me, I would never be pixie led

Oh look, sparklies…

I Found Fairies in the Park

Today the sun was shining,bringing warmth and humidity to Chicagoland.  Ellette and I took a walk this morning to the Brothers K Coffeehouse and spent a few hours playing games and knitting.  Then, we decided to trek to the park with a box of wings and take pictures.

Inbetween playing on the jungle gym, she was my very cute model of the pixie hats I make.  I finally managed to get them on etsy – here, here, here, and here.  The one hard part of getting her to model was that she kept getting bored and goofing off.  I have many photos of her stomping through the grass making funny faces, hoping I would catch at least one decent pose.  In the end I had to coach her a little in “How to Act Like a Fairy.”

While she was working out her energy on the playground, I used my classic method of tying wings to tree trunks to take photos.  While this is not the ideal method for photographing the goods, it works well for the less expensive things.  The more expensive items usually get their own photo shoot.  Like this one:

and this one

These sets have been sold, and thusly moved from the “for sale” bin to the portfolio bin.  The pictures are no less stunning!!

So, I photographed my nylon wings:

This set now available here.  The rest still need to be uploaded – there were many.

And my favorite – the Celeste Wings.  This was a design I created after discovering the appeal of “fluttering” wings.  They are still affordable, while being a bit more “grown up” and sturdy.

So far, there are three sets listed on etsy, including those pictured above, and they are available here, here, and here.

Also, if you have an idea for a custom order (or just in general), contact me!!  I can give you a quote (or quotes) for the style and materials.  For instance, I am working on a pair of DaVinci wings for a friend – steampunk and sturdy and perfect, and doing everything I can to fit it into her price range.  Sketches are being drawn and tiny prototypes made to find out what design works best for her needs.  If you are interested in your own pair of wings, send me an email at thewishingstarAThotmailDOTcom.  In the subject, write “custom wings” and let me know what you’re thinking, what your price range is, and when you need them by, and I will contact you right away with my ideas!

(PS: the two modeled photos of wings are courtesy of Wolfie – a dear friend a wonderful photographer to work with!)


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