The Great Reveal

It’s DONE!  I finished the bind-off on Saturday and squealed happily, showing everyone within sight and wrapping myself inside of it.  I wove in ends while it was wrapped around me.


It took a while, but I’m glad I used the picot bind off.  I like the way the colors ended up melding.  I like the size and shape.  I love how squishy the yarn is, and how soft against my skin (I’ve been wearing it all day and can’t fathom taking it off).


It is knit in Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Flashdance and Grasshopper (The purple and green respectively), and in Mad Tosh Sock in Charcoal (the gray).  It’s bright without being crazy, and matches a good portion of my wardrobe.


I keep looking at it and cheering.  It’s done! Finally!


Now, how do I wear it?






On to the rest of the holiday knitting before NaKniSweMo begins.

In Which the End is Near

Last night, the youngster and I packed up our bags and went to knit night, which we haven’t done in ages because of how crazy our world has been lately.  Traveling, working, traveling, resting, cleaning, traveling, etc.  There was very little desire to leave the house in between everything.  I’m glad I went, because the solid chunk of time for knitting with other people gave me a hefty push towards completion.  I didn’t feel like I was binding off a million stitches, I felt like I was keeping my hands busy in between laughter.  Before I knew it, I was done with one whole side of the triangle (the longest side), and a couple inches past the corner.  I put it down then, because more people showed up and I was no longer able to count to six, and picked up a different project: Windschief, by Stephen West.  This is more holiday knitting.  I made it a couple of inches in, then realized it was going to be too small, so I ripped it and started over.  Now, I wonder if it’s going to be too big, but don’t want to rip it out again.  The brim seems tight enough, so it may end up more of a slouch hat.


Anyway, when I got home, I wasn’t quite ready to sleep.  It may have been the latte I had a craving for as we were walking to the train, or it may have been the eagerness to finish the shawl, or it may have been that there has been so much going on lately that I haven’t finished processing everything internally.  In either case, I trudged along diligently on the picot bind-off, and before my eyes started dropping, was pleased to discover that I had made it past the second side (the shortest side) and several inches into the last side.  I don’t want to think about how many stitches are left, or really think about how many I’ve made so far.  The delight of seeing the project sort-of flat has given me hope.


The end is near!

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