Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Last night, after my lyra class and the long commute home, with a friend chatting away on the couch and my muscles sore as can be, I had the strongest urge to knit – just pick up a project and knit.  But it wasn’t like I could pick up just any project, because there was some intense need for the project, which was, at that point, unknown.  I spent a while pulling out my project bags, peeking inside, spreading them out and showing them off, and then quietly stuffing them into the bag again, because for some reason they didn’t seem to satisfy the need.

This has happened before, usually those rare moments when I’m struck with an odd sense of boredom, and I spend some time roaming around looking for something to do that satisfies the intense need for a specific type of productivity.  Sometimes it’s cleaning, sometimes it’s walking and last night it was a specific kind of fiber project.

And then I landed on it.  Yesterday was the first day it was really above freezing in a long time.  The sun was shining and you could hear the pitter patter of melting icicles throughout the neighborhood.  Everything felt like it was waking up, and I couldn’t find the project that reflected what I was feeling, until I pulled out the Follow Your Arrow that I had made when the sense of winter gloom was looming overhead.


I ended up staying up too late working on it, and I’m eager to get back to it tonight.  This colorway inspires me to be cheerful and bright.

Back then, I had named the project “Over the Rainbow” – and seems to have been entirely appropriate.  I’ve got my rainbow.

Winter Won’t Beat Me

The polar vortex lingers.  It’s cold, constantly, to the point where I don’t care how high my gas bill spikes, I just want to feel my fingertips again!  It’s been kind of miserable, and I can feel my emotions going downhill.  I don’t want to be in Chicago right now, I don’t want to put on fifteen layers before heading outside, and I wouldn’t mind not needing four comforters on my bed.

I cast on the Follow Your Arrow Shawl, Version 2.0 – Operation Over the Rainbow.  So far, just looking at it lifts my spirits.


Until you know…you notice an error in your lace portion and have to rip out the second clue.

All of These Projects at Once

I have a few words to share with you, blogosphere, that my knitter followers as well as my circus followers will sympathize with.  I am injured.  A little over a week ago, I was working on the cyr wheel.  Everything was going great- I was internalizing my struggle and really catching on to the weird physics that exists within the wheel.  I eventually stopped practicing because my stomach couldn’t quite handle the sheer amount of spinning involved.  The next morning, my shoulder was in excruciating pain.  It was so bad, I couldn’t put my coat on, I couldn’t hold my purse over my shoulder, I couldn’t even pour a cup of coffee.  A week later, it still hurt, so I went to see a physical therapist for a consultation.  Basically, between training almost daily in my circus stuff, trying to knit a massive sweater in a month, and the projects I had going on at work, I have a repetitive use injury – an inflamed rotator tendon.


So, my knitting/crocheting holiday gifts are slow going.  I actually cut out a lot of the gifts and reduced the size of others.  Ellette’s gift (pictured above) is the hardest for me to work on because it is a tiny and tight gauge and 100% cotton which has absolutely no give.


These are other (secret) projects that have so far been less stressful on my shoulder.  The above is at a somewhat looser gauge and was simple crochet, which was easy to work on.  Below, I blocked some stuff that had been sitting in my finishing bag for a couple months.  The finishing bag is filled with completed projects that need ends woven in and blocking, and tends to be done in chunks rather than as projects actually get finished.


And then I blocked Esjan, which had been sitting in that finishing bag since it’s completion in October.  I’m entirely in love with the colors!  It was completely dry this morning so I unpinned it and folded it up so my cats couldn’t get to it, and tonight I hope to weave in the ends.


I am sorry that things won’t be completed quickly and the parade of finished things I was looking forward to will not be happening.  I am also sorry that I won’t have any awesome circus photos to share over the rest of the month, since all flying activity is mostly suspended until I heal.  Here’s to a speedy recovery!

For the Love of Pants!

While at the fabric store searching out lycra for the mermaid costume, I came across the most awesome rainbow fleece ever.  I couldn’t resist – I’m a sucker for rainbows.  But this time, it wasn’t for me.  I’ve got Burning Man on my brain, trying to think of all of the cool costumes I can make (yes, make) for myself and Ellette before we leave in August. (Count it – 3 weeks).  And the desert gets chilly at night, so cold weather costumes are essential.


The rainbow fleece became a pair of pajama bottoms for Ellette.  I used a pair of her jeans as a template for this wide leg pants, and have yet to add the drawstring to the waistband, but I’m fairly certain they will fit her.


Since I had the serger out for the mermaid costume, I did a couple passes with the fleece, not that fleece needs to be hemmed but because I like the clean finish it gives garments.

On the agenda for the next month?  Two epic unicorn outfits (1 for me, one for her), a couple of vests, scarves, and hats.  A few painted parasols, and a pair of decorated swim goggles for Ellette.


How to Steal from a Knitter

1. Stare blankly as she picks out yarn for her new project.

2. Tell her she’s weird for her choice in color.


3. Ask her what she is making and give her the crazy look when you hear the response.

4. Grudgingly touch the softness of the yarn because she is so excited about it, but don’t confirm that it is in fact cloud like.


5. Walk away once she casts off her project and wait for her to begin her quest for a tapestry needle to weave in ends.

6. Grab the finished item, try it on, and declare that it its the most beautiful thing you have seen and you will never ever take it off.


7. Avoid flying needles and yarn.



Sometimes You Need to Make Your Own Rainbow

I was in a bit of a dark place yesterday afternoon.  I have a pretty good idea why, but I couldn’t figure out what to do about it.  Those slumps are hard places to be, and harder to get out of.  I was about to head over to a friends house for the evening but contemplating calling it off.  I wasn’t feeling up for socializing.  There was a little voice in the back of my mind – a tiny, squeaky thing that I can ignore most of the time – but it was telling me that right then, in the state I was in, I needed to go out and be with friends, more than anything else.  So, I wanted a piece of knitting to take with me that was mindless, quick, and happy – something that take me out of the dark place.  Then I remembered this really stellar yarn a friend gave me, and dove into the stash to find it.


A few false starts later, and I was knitting away at what I hoped would turn into some sort of cowl.  This yarn is ridiculously soft and squishy.  The fuzz is fantastic and fun, but doesn’t get everywhere which makes it amazing in my book.  The colors are incredible – so vivid and eyecatching.  This was the only ball I had and it did not come with a ball band.  If I knew what it was, I would run out to every store possible and buy it up.  I want to hoard this colorful, soft stuff for my rainy days – make a roomful of pillows to plop down in when I feel like crying because there is no way to cry on something so beautiful.


Turns out, I needed a rainbow – so I made one.

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