Time Travel

This past weekend, with the gorgeous weather, and the fleeting moments of freedom, we went to the coffee shop down the street.  It is the season of rummage sales, yard sales, moving sales, and whozit and whatnot sales.  On our walk home, we encountered no less than three of them, all with a wide range of items priced to go.  The largest, and most interesting, of these was a family prepping for a move to Colorado.  Tons of things were up for sale.  Dressers, old collectible toys, vases, board games, (a lifesize cardboard cutout of Rose Tyler) and a steamer trunk.


We had to have it.  There is severe rust and a musty odor, and the locks don’t quite work, but for the price and the novelty, we couldn’t resist.


What are we going to use it for?  Well, the thought of using it for it’s original purpose has crossed our minds.  We could fit everything we need for three in here without much trouble. But the thing is flipping heavy as it is.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning up the living room to make room for it, and then did some research on restoration.  That is my priority.

As you can see, the locks are all pretty rusted.  I have wiped them down since taking this picture, but they still need a good treatment.  I need to find out which locks work and which ones don’t – and whether or not it is worth replacing the ones that don’t.  I also need to get rid of the musty odor rising from it, but intend to pick up an anti-microbial spray to kill mold spores and then using a baking powder or natural remedy to remove any excess odor.

You can sort of see the staining in the drawer.  Most of the drawers have some staining.  Initially, I thought I could remove the fabric, clean the wood, and put in new fabric, but upon looking closer, there is no removable fabric.  It is as though the wood itself has been patterned.  I’m not sure how to take care of that.

This is the back of the trunk, where a crack in the leather leads to staining down the trunk.  I have been informed that most leather is treated with an anti-microbial wash (or some such), so I don’t have to worry about mold.  I still would like to know if anything can be done to remove the staining and big gouges.

I know that some of you who read this are interested in restoration, steam punk, antiques, etc.  Do you have any thoughts/advice?




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