Sometimes I Adult

(OR)  Randomly on Friday

Randomly on Friday – I am proud of myself for my mad adulting skills.  (Also, I honestly appreciate that “adult” has become a verb.  I know there is the camp of people who dislike it, but I think it is more accurate than calling oneself an adult.  We are not truly, completely, “adult” – we have moments of childishness and immaturity, and moments when we buckle up and take care of business.  I have moments of being an adult, but I am not one every moment of the day.  Therefore, “adulting” more accurately describes my pattern.)

Randomly on Friday – I completed my daily French lesson early, in the time I had between getting the child on the bus and getting myself to work.  I felt really productive first thing in the morning – and that rarely happens.

Randomly on Friday – A friend added me to a Denver based face and body painters forum, at which I squeed audibly because this blows my mind.  I am constantly surprised by how connected this community is, how supportive, and how there is a group of people that do everything I want to do.  Cyr – yep, there’s a group jam.  Juggling – group jam, preceded by game night.  Dancing – so many groups for that.  And now, face painting.

Randomly on Friday – I have been networking my little tush off, putting in bids for gigs and sending out promo material – kicking butt and literally taking names.

Randomly on Friday – a Chicago blues dancing friend is in town for an audition, and tonight we are going dancing.  I have been excited about it for days.  I need to dance – not the choreographed group stuff I have been working on, but the deep and soulful, intimate dancing that I miss about Chicago.

Randomly on Friday – one of my best friends booked his flight to Boulder for my showcase next month.  I may have jumped around the house for a few minutes when he confirmed his plans.  One thing I dislike about being an adult is having my friends spread around the world.  While it means I have friends in cool places that I can visit, it also means I don’t see the people I am close to very often.

Randomly on Friday – I still need help funding the tail end of my tuition and gear payments.  If you have anything to spare, I would appreciate it so much!  I have literally been scraping the bottom of my bank account for the past two weeks just to put food on the table.  Visit my GoFundMe page by clicking on this link:

Randomly on Friday – Tickets for our showcase have gone on sale!!  If you are in the Denver/Boulder area, you should come.  Buy your tickets now, because we are going to sell out.  There are eight aerialists each with iron wills and amazing routines – we are totally selling out.  Here’s the event page, and this is where you BUY TICKETS.

Randomly on Friday – April has been kind of a crummy month for me.  Anything that could go wrong did.  I’ve been struggling to pick up the pieces, create some semblance of order, and continue moving forward.  And I mean really struggling.  I’ve plastered on a smile when I’m in public and broken into tears as soon as I get home, or as soon as someone has been nice to me and asked me what’s going on.  Yesterday was a fairly good day, and it feels like today is going to be as well.  Chin up, Buttercup.

To Ireland

Today is St. Patrick’s Day – as I’m sure everyone is well aware of.  They are probably beginning their celebrations now – at least in Chicago, and in Ireland will have finished their morning mass, with shamrocks pinned to their shirts and festivals in the streets going full blast now.  We probably won’t be doing anything so exciting – big crowds and alcoholism aren’t really my cup o’ tea.

Instead, we will be spending the afternoon playing games with friends, swinging by the fabric store so I can make new curtains for the house, and then having a date night (our weekend is blessedly sans offsrping).

But, I am remembering.

In 2007, I spent 7 long months in various parts of the country.  I started at Irish Language school in Glencolmcille, a little town on the peninsula of Co. Donegal.


I stayed with a wonderful family and made friends at the school, but we were only there for a couple weeks.  We did head back later in the semester, and I did manage to make it back for a week the next time I was in Ireland.

From there, we began our studies in Derry.  If only I’d known what I was in for.

I learned how to knit in Ireland.  There was a wool shop in the Derry Craft Village I frequented.  That purple scarf there is my first every finished project – and I still have it.

I miss the Bound For – our favorite hang out.  I got into so much trouble in that pub.

We also took weekend trips to other places, Dublin, Sligo, Gweedore, The Giant’s Causeway, etc.

I was there during Paddy’s Day, and one of my roommates took me home for the weekend to celebrate.  Hence, the prompt for this post.  This was my first time living on my own.  My first time out of the US.  I was alone – having just met my traveling companions on the plane, and on the bus the next day, but they were who I would be with the entire semester.

After the semester I stored most of my belonging’s in a friend’s flat and eked out on my own with only a small bag to accompany me.  I felt brave and adventurous.  I made it a few weeks before returning to the flat and spending the next few weeks with friends again.

Then I took off to spend 6 weeks doing archaeology work on Achill Island.

But these are stories for another time.

To my friends in Ireland – have a wonderful St. Paddy’s Day and please, stay safe.  I miss you all dearly and think of you often.

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