The Countdown Has Begun

It is now May 5th.  Our show is May 22nd.  We have our first full run through on May 10th – that’s 5 days away.  FIVE DAYS!  I have only one more day to work on my piece before that.  We then have one more week to finalize costume details, fix any little bugs, and launch ourselves into hell week.  Erm, tech week.

I will attempt drive-by bloggings until then.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you the sneak peak video I made and posted to YouTube over the weekend:


And if it leaves you wanting more, and you are in the Denver/Boulder area – May 22nd at 7:30pm – ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Click here to buy tickets!


A different kind of aerial update today! I have spent the afternoon in the green room at the Actor’s Gymnasium.  Today is our Circus In Progress show.


It is so inspiring to hang out with and watch so many talented performers.

Yes, I am knitting!



I tried to write a post yesterday.  I started it in a spare moment and then saved it to come back to later.  The only problem was that once I got on a roll, I couldn’t stop.  I kept trudging through the night, not wanting to take a break because taking a break meant stopping, and if I stopped, I didn’t think I would start again.  Sometime after 1am, I realized my productivity was slowing, and it was probably best if I did not at that time try to paint a pretty sign or use sharp needles for felting.

The Celeste wings that were able to get done were completed, bringing my total to 14.  I also made all of my little signs and started piling up the boxes that comprise my portable shop so that this afternoon I could load the car swiftly, allowing me extra time to work on the fairy houses and straggling top hats.  The end is in sight, and it’s tieing knots out of my intestines.  I haven’t been hungry, and I think that is purely a psychological response – if I eat, it means I have to stop, and I can’t stop, so I don’t eat.  My body adjusted quickly.

I did feel it this morning, however, when, on a minute amount of sleep, I was attempting to carry 4 dozens doughnuts into work and could barely make it the one block from the bakery to the office.  My arms were trembling when I finally put the boxes down.  And all I could think of was – “Dang, I have tech rehearsal tonight.  I’m not going to make it.”  I don’t think my body will survive the constant exertions that the weekend will bring – not to mention anything of my mind.  I can feel it slowing down, too.  I’m sort of in la-la land, and the warm sunshine is doing nothing to quell that distraction.  As soon as I walk outside, I’ve spaced completely and I don’t know where I’m going and don’t pay attention to signs – which is a bad things when there are a lot of intersections between my office and my apartment.

With the help of Odin and the Roommate, however, I managed to gather the display items I need and pull all of it into one location.  (Thanks guys!)  Cleaning the car is something that should have been done ages ago, but it always takes necessity for me to take care of the little things like that.  At least, at this point in my fairy career, loading and unloading the car is a pretty easy, efficient job.  My display hasn’t changed too much in the past 2 years, and I have done a few dozen shows in that time period, which means the game of Tetris in the back of my Volvo stationwagon is dominated by my serious spacial reasoning skills.

I’m looking at the weather now, and Saturday in Janesville is going to be amazing, to be followed by a rainy/thunderstorming Sunday.  Fingers crossed the storm passes in the night or dissipates before reaching us.

But, I think I’m ready.  I’m packed.  I’m dressed. I really have to keep my mind in that set right now.


Driving away.  See you Monday.


Brought to you by Hell Week.
No, seriously.  This week is going to be icnredible if we all make it through in one piece.  The lineup?
Monday – crafting
Tuesday – crafting, Ellette has gymnastics after school
Wednesday – Crafting, aerial rehearsal 7:30pm until my arms fall off pm (around 10)
Thursday – crafting, possible sanity saver knit night
Friday – load car, 7-10pm circus rehearsal, 1 hr drive to Waukegan to follow
Saturday – Awake at crack of dawn, drive pregnant lady with me to the Janesville Renaissance Festival, set up tent, run through sales and problem solving, leave pregnant lady to manage fairy shop, drive 3 hrs to Evanston, 4:30 and 7:30 circus show, pizza and beer following, sleep in own bed (maybe).
Sunday – Awake at crack of dawn, 3 hr drive to Janesville, 12 hr day in 83* fair (at least I hope it is 83*), pack up shop, drive 3 hrs to Evanston, pass out for an undetermined length of time.
The following week: Take inventory, scramble to restock.  That following weekend, 1 party, 1 face painting gig, Memorial day breather, spend the next week restocking, Witchy Wearbles’ Fairy Day Event follows to be succeeded immediately by a much needed vacay to Hawaii and then one week to finish restocking in preparation for Custer Street Fair.
And really, the rest of my summer follows in similar order – but you will find out about that as it comes.
The crafting, you ask – what could I have left to do?
Well, this week I have around 50 pairs of Celeste wings that need to be sewn and framed.  Celeste wings are a great design – lightweight, fabric, and small – they stand out in a crowd without bonking people in the shoulders.  Manouverability is important in large festivals.  They are made of fabric, sewn and reinforced, and held sturdy with heavy steel wire.  They sit just between the shoulder blades, with satin ribbon to secure around the shoulders or the “U” shape to slide down a bodice.  The loose fabric around the bottom flutters beautifully through movement, and what I call the “underside” of the wing – the part that people would see if they were looking directly at you – is made of sheer organza dotted with silver beads.  They glint magnificently in the sunlight.
The best thing about these is that it is a relatively simple design that I can produce quickly and consistently in a variety of colors at relatively low cost, which means that you – the fairy-to-be – can get high quality wings for relatively cheap.  50 pairs of these wings may last me the summer, but they will at least get me through Custer Street.
I also have some of my stock nylon wings that need the finishing touches and a couple pairs of steampunk paper wings that need ribbons attached.
I have not yet needle-felted the fairy houses, which, when I get down to it, shouldn’t take too long.
I have several more tiny top hats and tiny witch hats that need decorating and headbands.  Some still need to be felted, but I have been doing so much felting lately that finding “dirty” clothes  to warrant the washer hogging is becoming increasingly difficult.
Aside from the stock crafting, I have to make signs and displays for my new items.  I wrote a very detailed list for Odin of the things I need from Home Depot and Joanns, along with encouragement to grab anything that might look useful or attention grabbing (which has it’s own uses).  This will be a big help.
I have two pairs of custom wings in various stages of completion that I really need to buckle down and finish.
Not to mention the every day things like some level of sanitary cleanliness, personal hygeine maintanence, and food.  I have a few things I need to do involving finances and some things to prep for Hawaii.
After this week I take stock of all of the wings and wands and hats and decide what needs to be restocked – and chances are I’m going to have to churn out another 50 or so wands and a couple dozen pink and purple wings.
Just thinking about this is making the adrenaline pump.  I have been having really bad dreams brought on by the anxiety over my season starting.  This is normal.  Mostly.  I think I have some worries this year that I didn’t last year, and the drama that is happening in my personal life is only making the stress levels rise.
Deep breath.
It seems like I’m crazy, and I probably am.  If I denied it, I’m sure someone out there would find a way to lock me up for my own safety.
That being said – I know my roommate and a few friends do read this regularly – so this message is for you:  I would not mind your company.  Make the work load seem lighter.  Know that if you do want to sit down and chat or watch a movie – I will more than likely hand you something that needs ot be done.  Here’s a spool of ribbon – cut 100 2 foot lengths and singe the edges with this lighter.  Here’s my bag of scrap fabric, start cutting circles of all sizes.  Here’s the wand template and a pair of scissors and a tracing pencil – get to it.  Anything you can do, you will do.

Allergies, Cats, and Hats

A hard week (and weekend) left me sitting on the kitchen counter at midnight while consuming between myself and my roommate two bottles of wine as our aggravated minds took us all over the realms of reality and fantasy before bringing us back into our house.  Slightly inebriated from alcohol and rather drunk from hopes and frustrations, we two hatched a plan before heading off to bed.  I was a little too restless to sleep, so I paced the house a bit before sitting on the couch, pulling the blanket over me, and falling asleep.

This morning I woke up and remembered that, while I do love our fiendish feline, I tend to be rather allergic to cats.  I am mostly ok so long as I do not lay with my face in their fur.  Unfortunately, there was a cat’s worth of fur covering the couch, which I had been inhaling all through the night.  I woke up with a very sore throat and incredible congestion.  I have taken to drinking hot water with lemon and cloves to sooth the discomfort.

This all results in me being a little too weak, distracted, and unable to work on things that need to be worked on.

This weekend, however, I did manage to knock out all of the top hats that needed doing.

Done and Done.

This afternoon, all that I have accomplished thus far is to finish up the tiny witch’s caps I had going.

My fingertips are sore from the putting of pins through fabric all weekend.  It hurts even to knit, but I persist.  Although, there is an increasing chance that I will not be able to attend the festival this coming weekend as my contact are being very un-contactly and not providing me with information that is vital to  my being there.

Stress levels rising.  Duck and Cover.

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