Sunshine and Yarn

I want to talk to you about knitting, which hasn’t been very present on this blog this month, but has indeed been happening intermittently throughout.  It just stays hidden in the background, clung to desperately during those few quiet moments I have to myself.  It has been the time to reclaim my sanity in a rather bustling world.

I bound of Rosarian today.  I tried it on.  And even unblocked, it is beautiful.


It looks weird right now – undulating stitches with no definition.  I’m going to block the heck out of it tonight, but for now it remains a ridiculously soft mass of springy fiber that is secretly something amazing.

I’m back to the socks now.  Don’t be alarmed.  I stopped because they seemed a bit small, so I waited until I could try them on the feet of their intended, which I was able to do last weekend.  I was so wrapped up in Rosarian, though, that picking up the sock was torture.  Now, it is calming.  Strange how that transition happens.

Things have been stirring around here, and I’m happy to report that the audition proved fruitful.  I have been doing a three day giggly happy dance over here, followed closely by the extreme paranoia and “Oh, crap, I’m really moving across country.”

I drive on Friday!  Next post from the road!

Feeling Productive

With Semele off the needles, I picked up the Roundabout Leaf Tank last night and finished off the main body portion.  It needs to hit the blocking board now before I can add the straps.  Then it’s done.  Two projects crossed off the list in a week (hopefully).


So, today, my traveling companion was a third WIP that has been floating around for almost a month, slowly being worked on inbetween everything else.  This the first sock of a pair for a friend.  You can see (if you know about sock construction) that I am a few inches past the heel.  The toe is pointed toward the camera, the heel sticks straight up, and where my needles and cable hold the stitches is a couple inches shy of mid-calf.  I am about to begin the shaping for her calf, but don’t know her measurements, and then I will continue working until that little green ball in the background is used up.  Then, I cast on the second.

I am hoping SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) doesn’t strike too bad.  To keep it at bay, I am going to swatch a couple of my next designs tonight to begin those.  I want to have at least one of them complete by mid-June.

Self-Imposed Sleep Deprivation


Behold, many, many hours spent tucked against the headboard, quietly yet furiously knitting and calculating and stranding yarn to produce what I hope will be a wonderful present for my dear daughter.


As you can see, I worked out the colorwork issues and even got passed that portion.  Now I am on the mindless rows of increasing.  My own fear is that the yoke is too small.  I am telling myself that it appears that way because it is still on the needles and unblocked, but once I block, and then cut that steek (yikes!), it will open up considerably.  And I am trying to convince myself that, even if it isn’t quite wide enough – it’s a cape!  And by no means needs to close in the front.  And, if I am that concerned, I can just make the button band a little bit wider than I had intended.


In the meantime, when Ellette is looking (she’s a clever little girl with a keen eye), I have started a different holiday project.  Watching the owls emerging is so much fun!  Now, if only my hands made the transition from chunky, loose knits to tight little sock stitches, this holiday knitting thing would be flying by.

(Sorry for the crummy photos – I was rushed this morning)

Some Days

Some days, I need a break.  I’ve been looking at my knitting and I have the immensely frustrating realization that – I HATE EVERYTHING!  I do not like anything I am knitting at the moment.

Leif?  Yeah – It’s too short.  It hits the widest part of my hips, it doesn’t pull in enough at my waist, and I don’t know how to fix it.  It’s in time out.

I started a commission – a lego-man ski mask.  I thought this would be pretty easy, and last night I got to the point where I could try it on and see how it looks.  I think it is hideous.

I started them about eight times so far.  I realized the skein was only 100 yards instead of the 200, and that I had gotten so fumigated by the soft, lofty warmth of the yarn that I didn’t stop to realize it wasn’t superwash.  It is an absolute joy last night, but I sort of had a panic attack at knit night last night – would I have enough yarn?  What could I do to prevent felting?  How do I modify the pattern to make the most out of the yarn?  I opted on an afterthought heel in a contrasting yarn that won’t felt, and continuing that motif with the toes.  I think that is my best option, because this yarn is really nice, and the recipient is going to love it, and it’s so very expensive.

As of this moment, I’m just past halfway done with the first sock, and hopefully it won’t take long to get through the second since I know what my gauge is and what modifications need to be made.

Then comes several insane projects simultaneously – a cape for Ellette (just wait until you see it!!), a sweater for myself for NaKniSweMo, another pair of socks, a cute scarf, and a balaklava.  All by December…

I can do it, so long as I don’t end up hating everything when I’m done.

X Marks the Spot

Or not.

Today, I had really promising intentions of visiting the Moesgard Museum.  The archaeologist in me was dieing to see the bog bodies and Viking ships and reenactments.  So, bright and early, I set out for the several kilometer trek to the museum.

Several kilometers to the spot on the tourist map (in Danish) that said the museum was located there.  Several kilometers to the forest preserve south of the city.  The street I was supposed to turn off at was non-existent.

Still, doggedly, I kept walking.  It had to be here somewhere.  And then I found the next crossroad.  Which was somehow a street further west and heading the opposite direction.  I looked at the map.  I looked at the street.  Hesitantly, I passed it, thinking perhaps there was a map error.  I ended up in a separate town.  I turned back.

I asked someone on the street how to get to the museum.  She did not speak much English, so I showed her the picture on my map.  “Oh!  Several more kilometers that way!” she said, pointing in the direction I had originally been going.

I gave her a concerned glance, but followed her directions.  For several more kilometers.  I saw a sign pointing to the museum, so I kept walking.  And then, once again, there was nothing but forest.  No signs, no people, just road and trees.

I turned around again.  There were some children playing on a hill, I showed them the picture of the museum and asked where it was.  They said they didn’t know English and went for their teacher.  She said she didn’t know where it was, but it was in the area and I should keep walking, following the signs or ask someone else.

What signs?

I kept walking.

Eventually, I admitted defeat.  This was, of course, after I saw the sign pointing towards Arhus that said “6 km that way.”  At this point, I grew entirely frustrated at my not-user-friendly map in Danish and decided to back track.  My feet were sore, my hip hurt, and I was thirsty.

Cursing the entire way, I made my way for the city again.

No, no twist of irony led me to the museum (although, pride be darned, I did hope that I would find it by accident).  Instead, I made it back to the hotel restaurant, where I could at least get online, and let Odin know that I did not make it to the museum (which was our meeting place) and instead meet me here, and then…

Well, then, I did the only thing a stranded knitter could do:

I started a sock.

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