Giving In

Startitis has been strong over the past couple weeks.  Holiday knitting is interesting, and I have been telling myself over and over that it needs to be done, it helps stash bust, and it’s better than knitting just for me.  Only two more months until the holidays are over.  However, one of those months is NaKniSweMo, which ties into my holiday knitting, but because I love a challenge is going to be challenging and thus, time consuming.  It doesn’t help that designers and publishers are having sales, I’m finding all sorts of really cool things I want to make, and inspiration is bombarding me from every angle.  There’s only so much a girl can resist!


Last night, I worked a little bit on holiday projects (the red bowl shaped thing on the left) and then couldn’t resist casting on a Esjan, because it just looks so cozy in the photographs and it is starting to get chilly out, almost freezing even, and it uses worsted weight, which takes up a lot of room in my stash so I need to get rid of it quick, and it’s knit on fat needles and I hear it goes by quickly and…and…

The best way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it.

Hopelessly Afflicted

Startitis came on awfully strong once I finished the doctor socks.


Things are prepped.


They were frogged.




And settled upon.

I don’t know when it will end.


Startitis.  Yep.  I realized this morning I am hopelessly afflicted.  The desire to cast on new and exciting projects is just too strong to ignore.

Don’t get me wrong though!  Sunday morning I whacked out a chunk of the Bosc scarf before my eyes, hands, and needles started to wander.  My reasoning was sound.  I was about to embark on an adventure and needed something that didn’t require so much thinking.  The only thing that really came to mind were your standard vanilla socks.  So, I dug through the stash and cast-on.


This is ‘Time Traveler” sock yarn from Knit Picks, which my old nanny gifted to me at some point, knowing that I’m kind of a raging Dr Who fan.  She gave me two balls of it, and I plan on using every last yard.  So, the socks are worked from the toe up, and I imagine there will be some clever calf shaping happening at some point.  For now, I am entirely enchanted by the colors and changes.  And it is kind of flying by since it is stockinette in the round.

I am doing my best to stay on track, but right now, with everything else going on, I just want to have fun with it.  And if that means a delicately knit chess board or a heavy butterfly scarf don’t fulfill that desire – bring on the whacky colors and summery tops!

But don’t worry – I don’t think startitis is contagious.

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