Yesterday was the white elephant swap at Gothee House. I had been working on my contribution up until we left the house to go to the party. I didn’t snap any pictures before wrapping them, so I had to wait anxiously for them to be opened in order to capture a photograph.

nyan cat1

The Nyan Cat scarf was the first to be opened.  It was much sought after throughout the game, which made me feel really good.  I had been worried that I had picked a meme that was funny and would be appreciated, but no one would actually want to wear it.  The people who tried to claim it surprised me a little – definitely not the individuals I would have pegged for wanting a bright rainbow scarf.

The other item didn’t get opened until the very end of the game, when we were opening the extra gifts for the final swap (to make sure everyone left with something they liked).  Ellette laid claim over the item.

gothicorn 3

We call it the Gothicorn.

gothicorn 1

It is made from Cascade Magnum, a ridiculously lush and chunky yarn in a beautiful blue.  The horn is made from a pale yellow in Ella Rae classic, and the mane is a bunch of odds and ends I threw together to make the unicorn more goth (the theme for the party was “gothic elf”, which we embraced with abandon).

gothicorn 2

The hat is the Unicorn Hat, and my fifth or sixth one made.  I adore the design.  Ellette wore the hat for the remainder of the evening, and left the house this morning with it firmly on her head.

I have had to slow down on my knitting even more, and crochet is out of the question as it sends a strange numbing sensation up my arm.  I’ve kind of said “screw it” to trying to make anything in time for the holidays.  Now I’m racking my brains for other gift ideas and my knitting has gone to a slower paced – what-do-I-actually-want-to-make format.  What has happened thusly is that all of the designs I’ve been sketching, charting, writing, and desiring are being realized (one is even with test-knitters now).

Wrapping Up a Story

While there is still so much more to share, I didn’t want to keep blabbering about the past weekend.  Hopefully, this post will cover the last lingering memories I feel compelled to share and tomorrow, I can write about something new.

To everyone at LoF with a themed camp – you were great!


I love watching the colorful facial hair walking around!


This was a sweet and refreshing surprise.



LOF13 - 13

I had the most relaxing, lackadaisical rest here.  From where I was sitting, I could people watch people climbing all over Freakeasy.  It was nice.

LOF13 - 15 We enjoyed this, but somehow missed going back for the other games.  I hope they are there next year!


Tick Town, thank you for making me laugh, and dance, and play fun games!


To Alisha, with the ball pit – I can’t believe how long it has been I hung out in one! Thank you for the idea, for the repose, for the conversation.

LOF13 - 4

Tramp Camp – The girls and I had an absolute blast.  We spent so much time bouncing and laughing and getting wet.  The girls couldn’t get enough of it.

LOF - 7

I could never remember the name of the island, and I’m sorry I missed the dance party, but it was fantastic utilizing it as a launch pad into the water.


To Junicorn Sparkles, thank you for the crafting!  I had a total ADD moment walking by your table.  I love the unicorn horn I made!  My daughter wore hers into my office on Monday; refused to take it off!


Syncidium, you made my weekend.  Thank you for letting me fly for a bit!

And lastly, on Friday, I brought out my face paints.  I was so inspired to work, and I loved the energy people were bringing into the gazebo.  I wish I had had more time to work, and I loved that people were asking if they could paint, too, and there was a big painting party.  I was stoked at the creativity bouncing around.  To those who let me paint, and gave me the freedom to paint whatever I wanted – Thank you!  Because of you, I think my abilities and confidence as an artist really took off!







I have a million ideas, and I can’t wait to implement them.  I want to pull out my paints again and go crazy.  I wish I had more time to see everything and talk to more people, but I’m grateful that the time I did have was spent around so many lovely, creative, and welcoming folks.

To the crew that put together Lakes of Fire – thank you! See you next year. 🙂

In Which All is Revealed

The mystery knit from last week was completed on Thursday night.  Ellette romped around in it to much adoration at knit night.


I wore it pretty much all evening Friday, all day Saturday, and part of Sunday.  The Cascade Magnum is super warm, and it’s been getting awfully chilly around here.


Yesterday, I took some Cascade 128 Superwash and started making baby sized ones.  Those will be posted to Ravelry as soon as their finished, so that others can gather information and inspiration from my ventures.


The mane took a while.  I used Glint by Berrocco for the blue and the remainder of the Magnum for the other fringe.  I was hoping to do the blue by itself, but the yarn is so thin in comparison to what the pattern calls for.  It looked a little funky.  Magnum has about 30 yards more than the Malabrigo Rasta the pattern used, so I was able to use the remainder as fringe.  This took one complete skein of Magnum, one ball of Glint, and a few ounces of a yellow (Ella Rae Classic?) for the horn.


Pattern is Unicorn Hat by Brittany Tyler over at Tangled Stix.

What’s best is that Brittany Tyler gave me permission to make these for sale.  That really rocks my striped socks and I am going a bit sparkle mad with all of the possibilities.

A Popcorn Festival

I was unsure of what this festival would be like when the vendor coordinator contacted me about joining the festivities.  Until that point, I had no idea where Valparaiso, Indiana was located, or why I would want to go there.  But I thought I would give it a shot, because some of these tiny shows turn out to be gems.

We got up at a ridiculous hour in the morning to be in Valparaiso (1.5 hours away) by 6:00 to set up.  We had to be up and operational by 7.  While we were setting up and trying not to let our tent blow away, I was quietly cursing myself for thinking it would be a good idea.  an under-caffeinated pixie is a cranky pixie indeed.  Once we were up, I walked away in search of hot coffee and orange juice, and the day began.

Last week, Odin and I put our heads together (sometimes we can do that and it doesn’t hurt) and came up with a new way of displaying my wings.  He had been making screens (read: room dividers) for the old roommie before we found out she was more than a little unstable and asked her to leave, so we talked about how to utilize these screens.  This is what we came up with:

There are two of them and they fold in half.  I have them tied to the tent in two places, and they hold a ton of wings.  By the end of the day, my very creative sister (you can see her behind the stand) had found ways to display a few more pairs.  The wings just slip into the slats – no tying necessary.  It made helping customers so easy.
The festival took a little while to get started, but then it was busy.  There were about 20,000 people there, and it took up 4×4 city blocks.  There was an ampitheatre nearby our location, and I could hear music throughout the day.  At the very end, I had asked someone what cover band this was that had been playing Rusted Root for the past two hours, and the person laughed at me and said “It actually is Rusted Root.”  I made my sister take Ellette to the last song because we have been listening to them in the car lately – Ellette calls them “that drumming band” and really enjoys their music.

Ellette had fun dressing up.  The condition was she had to stand outside of the shop and get people to come in.

There was face painting, of course, but nothing new for me.  I tried to get more unique things, but butterflies and tigers are ever popular.

I did one zombie and a variation on a dragon (he wanted it to match his dad’s tattoo).

And then my sister stepped in and did some painting when I was getting sore.  She’s pretty good, and had herself a line built up by the time I finished lunch.

There was a balloon artist who made an awesome unicorn.  I couldn’t resist.

And at the very end we met a kid on a unicycle and made him juggle – ’cause we’re dorks like that.  Unicycles are cool.

In all, it was a good day.  I think I may do it again next year, especially since now I have an idea of what is popular there.  Each location is different, and I never know if I have a market until halfway through the day.  It makes taking on new shows a risky business, but sometimes it is all worth it.

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