In The Meantime

I tried to start another shawl last night, and ended up not liking the colors together.  This morning, I wound another ball of yarn, thinking I would like that combination together, but when I threw them in the project bag, something just didn’t seem right to me.  I put that bag down and grabbed a different WIP to work on throughout the day.


This is the second half of a set of legwarmers I started about this time last year.  The first one was finished, and then the whole thing was abandoned.  I cannot think of the reason.  Anyway, I’ve decided it’s going to be my travel project when I need something a little mindless.  It’s on large needles, so it won’t take too long (Famous last words).

At least my startitis is balanced somewhat equally by the rare finish-it-up-itis.  Who’s taking a poll to see how long this lasts?

A Continued Resolution

In 2013, I made very little headway on wrapping up my WIPs.  Recently, however, these are the only projects I am carrying around with me.  I really want them out of my basket.


My resolutions are kind of intense, and keeping them at the front of my mind is pushing me to work hard at clearing away the clutter in my life and getting ready for new adventures.  I’ve got these “Don’t Get In My Way” resolve to move forward and it feels great.  My shoulder is almost healed, I’ve got boxes of stuff on their way to charities, I’m keeping on top of my life.  So far, so good.

Bind Off Cast On

I started casting off the baby blanket on my lunch break yesterday.  Something about the size of the border just seemed right to me.  Looking at it all laid out (pictures to follow another day), I think it was a good move.  It looks a bit crumpled right now, because of the nature of chenille, so I want to block it a bit before I really show it off.  Maybe a nice steam blocking…


I have 4 balls of this yarn left and I really don’t know what to do with them.  I’m not a fan of the chenille.  It is super soft and great for the baby blanket, but doesn’t lend itself easy to inspiration or knitting – it’s a bit hard on the hands.  If you would like them, say the word and I will package the 400ish yards up and send them straight to you.  Otherwise, I fear they will be stuck in my stash for ages.


This morning, I was glancing about trying to figure out what to take with me on my day.  I always have a project to work on during my lunch break, but didn’t seem to find anything in my WIP basket that was small enough to take.  That’s not true – I grabbed the Bosc scarf and put that in my bag, then looked around for the pattern (why I didn’t keep it with the project, I have no idea).  I couldn’t find the pattern, but I did find Entrechat, which has been in my queue for a while.  I have a ton of single skeins of worsted, also, as well as a quickly growing god daughter and pregnant friends.  So I grabbed a set of needles, a ball of yarn, and the pattern and left the house.  I’m a few rows away from binding off the sleeves, and I’m super excited.  This is another project that may be knit up several times.


If I have it done by Sunday, you will definitely be seeing more of them.  This is Madeline Tosh Merino Superwash, which is absolutely marvelous to work in.

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